CFUW National Mentorship Pilot Program – Extension until October 19 to Register

CFUW has a mandate to support lifelong learning for women. In particular, CFUW’s policies:

  • Promote high standards of public education in Canada, advanced study and research by women, and sound concept of life-long learning.
  • Advocate for the advancement of the status of women, human rights and the common good locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Promote cooperation, networking, support and understanding among women.
  • Encourage and enable women to apply their knowledge and skills in leadership and decision-making in all aspects of the political, social, cultural, educational and scientific fields.

Women represent the majority of young university graduates but are still underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and computer science (STEM) fields. In the political arena, women lag behind men significantly.  There are still too few women in politics and women who do break through report hostile environments that force them to shorten their political careers.  A thoughtful, committed mentor who is prepared to walk alongside an ambitious woman can make all the difference in her achieving her goals.

Based on its work to promote women’s leadership and economic empowerment, CFUW is launching a national Mentorship Pilot Program that will focus on three areas: women in the STEM fields; CFUW members who have leadership portfolios and women who are interested in entering the field of politics.

CFUW will be instituting a Mentorship Award which will be given to a CFUW/FCFDU individual member(s), group, or Club in recognition of efforts in mentoring women and/or girls in the STEM fields and Politics. The Award will also recognize mentorship efforts to women who have a portfolio of responsibility within the organization. The criteria and form is found on the Member Resource website under Club Awards and Grants.

CFUW will connect mentor and mentee in similar fields of interest and facilitate the first contact. If you have always wanted to be a mentor or you would like to be connected to a mentor, please contact Robin Jackson, Executive Director, 613-234-8252, ext. 102, at the national office by October 19, 2015.  Your “yes” charts the way forward.  Let’s make a difference together.